Ray Burnett (SCIS) Chairs Art, Culture, History and Heritage workshops at ISISA 2010

Ray Burnett, SCIS Hon. Research Fellow will chair the Art, Culture, History and Heritage sessions 11 and 14  at the 2010 ISISA conference, Bornholm.  The related sessions 17 and 20 will be chaired by Grant McCall. Papers will be delivered in this stream by a range of international scholars in the field of island studies specifically relating to art, history, heritage and culture.  The  11 and 14 session papers are listed here:


Touching the Intangible: Islands as Imaginative Topographies

Suzanne Thomas


Art on the ‘Rock’: Struggles and strategies of three young female artists living on the island of Newfoundland, Canada.

Consuelo Griggio


Island Cinema: The Constitution of a National Cinema in the Philippines

Joseph Palis


The Åland Islands: Strategies of (touristic) events and the construction of Ålandness

Doris Griessner


Identities and history writing on islands in the Baltic Sea

Janne Holmén and Samuel Edquist


“Just isolated enough to be real”: The island factor in creating culture

Laurie Brinklow

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