Graeme Robertson (SCIS) Chairs Sustainable Futures workshops at ISISA 2010

Graeme Robertson, SCIS Hon. Research Fellow will chair the Sustainable Futures panels at the 2010 ISISA conference, Bornholm. Papers will be delivered in this stream by a range of international scholars in the field of island studies and sustainability  including papers on  ecological ‘fingerprints’, renewable energy, and the political ecology of tea production. The sessions papers are listed here:

From ecological footprint to ecological fingerprint – sustainable development on Helgoland (Germany)

Beate M.W. Ratter

Investigating the peculiarities of sustainable energy policies in islands communities for smart grid development: insights from complexity science and agent based models

Christophe Rynikiewicz

Contributing to a Sustainable Island and Institutional Renewable Energy-Based Resource for Higher Education: A University of Hawai’i Maui College

Clyde Sakamoto

 Sustainable Futures: A case study- goals, challenges and initiative implementation for sustainability on Maui

Joie Taylor

The Environmental Political Ecology of Tea Production in Hillside Taiwan ~ A Case Study of Island Spatial Economy

Shew-Jiuan B. Su

Using stone weirs to preserve biodiversity in the Penghu archipelago of Taiwan

Shyi-Liang Yu, Huei-Min Tsai, Kuo-Yuan Kan and Chyuan-Yuan Shiau

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