Scottish Centre for Island Studies

Scottish Island Studies@ University of the West of Scotland

Scotland’s Economy: Gaelic Arts, Media and Language

Gaelic Impacts and Development Plans

Mike  Danson (Professor of Scottish and Regional Economics) has collaborated with Dr  Lindsay Milligan (UWS) and Dr Douglas Chalmers (Glasgow Caledonian University)  for a number of years undertaking leading work on Gaelic in the Scottish  economy. Research commissioned by Bòrd na Gàidhlig, Glasgow City Council, Skills  Development Scotland, Highlands & Islands Enterprise, the European  Commission and others has addressed such varied issues as the Gaelic Labour  Market (with Hecla Consulting), Gaelic language plans, Glasgow’s language  development strategy, the economic impact of Gaelic arts and culture in  different locations, the impact of BBC ALBA and the contribution of BBC ALBA to  reversing language shift. With the strong identification of the language with  its traditional heartland of the Hebrides and North West Highlands, there are  important island dimensions in this research both in the Gàidhealtachd and in the cities where many  Gaels now live, work and attend university.

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