UHI Islands Strategy Survey: online!

Scotland’s island residents and organisations and invited to share their views with UHI in a “two-way conversation”. Please share this link widely!

The University of the Highlands and Islands has launched an online survey to gather the views of community members, public bodies, businesses and the voluntary sector of the islands of Orkney, Shetland and the Outer Hebrides in relation to the university’s Islands Strategy published in 2020.   

Describing the aims of the research project Iain Caimbeul, Research Fellow in Sociolinguistics at UHI said:

“We are keen to gather as wide a range of opinions as possible. Everyone’s views and insights are important to us, and this is very much a two-way conversation. We hope the research findings will help us to identify ways in which island communities will benefit from closer access to the university’s resources. The results will help to ensure UHI’s strategic approach aligns with the various challenges faced by island communities.”

For full information see here.

You can access and complete the online survey here: UHI Islands Strategy Survey (onlinesurveys.ac.uk

UHI Survey Research contacts: Iain Caimbeul at iain.caimbeul@uhi.ac.uk and Andrew Jennings at Andrew.Jennings@uhi.ac.uk

Dr Beth Mouat, the UHI Islands’ Strategy Director said, “This project presents an excellent opportunity for meaningful engagement, the results of which will be invaluable in supporting the implementation of the Islands Strategy, and in informing future research that can have real impact in the islands”.



By swifant – Flickr: Lerwick, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=27578628