Update:”Remote Entrepreneurs: Where nowhere is somewhere” wins ISBE ‘Best Paper: Rural Enterprise’, 2014

Remote Entrepreneurs ISBE 2014compress

Danson & Burnett ISBE best paper 2014compress


(Selected research outputs updated Spring 2017)

Our paper on remote rural entrepreneurship wins ‘best paper’ in the ISBE rural enterprise stream,  in Manchester, 2014. This work continues from last year’s success in Cardiff, 2013 which also won ‘best paper’  in the rural enterprise stream (Thank you ISBE!) and has fed into several publications and wider research agenda. Thanks to Rebecca Stirzaker, Heriot Watt University for image of us collecting our prize: Twitter @RebeStirz

Key conclusions from this paper include our focus on:

  • the complex nature of enterprise and entrepreneurship in island contexts – layered and crucially –  iportant to continue to engage with enterprise as ‘historical’;
  • an agenda for deepening the research on conflicts, trust and cooperation, strong and weak ties and networks;
  • to avoid a simple/uncritical  ‘urban-centric’ transfer of sectoral and national strategies and policies to such peripheral and marginal regions as small, remote islands;
  • research demands further exploration of behaviours and attitudes to small rural island enterprise and entrepreneurship both from within and without the local environment;
  • and  considers how concepts of the ‘other’ defines and informs wider debates and discourse;
  • Scale of impact for – and by – remote rural  context is a key factor to critique.

For further reading and research outputs relating to this work see:

Kathryn A. Burnett and Mike Danson (2017) ‘Enterprise and Entrepreneurship on Islands and Remote Rural Environments’ Special Issues on Rural Enterprise, International Journal of Entrepreneurship & Innovation Vol. 18(1), pp. 25–35 DOI: 10.1177/1465750316686237

Kathryn A. Burnett and Mike Danson. (2016) ‘Sustainability and Small Enterprises in Scotland’s Remote Rural ‘Margins’, Special Issues on Rural Enterprise, Local Economy Vol. 31, No. 5, pp. 539-553. http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0269094216655518

Mike Danson , , Kathryn Burnett , (2014), Enterprise and Entrepreneurship on Islands, in Colette Henry , Gerard Mcelwee (ed.) Exploring Rural Enterprise: New Perspectives on Research, Policy & Practice (Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, Volume 4) Emerald Group Publishing Limited, pp.151 – 174 10.1108/S2040-724620140000004007

Kathryn A. Burnett, Mike Danson, (2004) “Adding or subtracting value?: Constructions of rurality and Scottish quality food promotion”, International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, Vol. 10 Issue: 6, pp.384-403, doi: 10.1108/13552550410564716

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