Regional Development in Northern Europe Peripherality, Marginality and Border Issues

Regional Development in Northern Europe Peripherality, Marginality and Border Issues

“This book draws on work from across northern Europe and is parallel and complementary to the network itself. By establishing an intellectual and practically orientated framework and platform, and by bringing together contributions defining the state-of-the-art and potential development paths in the field, it is the first volume to offer a systematic and scientific view from the periphery.”

This collection edited by Professor Mike Danson and Professor Peter de Souza  brings together contributions from key experts in regional development, sustainability, economics and enterprise. The content detailed below each offer insight to the ideas and practice relating to defining and articulating regional ‘margins’, ‘borders’ and ‘peripherality’ concerns in Europe today:

Part One: Overview

1. Introduction: Peripherality and Marginality Mike Danson and Peter de Souza

Part Two: Theoeretical Underpinnings

2. The Development of the Periphery in the Experience Economy Anne Lorentzen

3. Regionalism and Marginalisation Tassilo Herrschel

4. Re-thinking ‘Peripherality’ in a Knowledge-intensive Service-dominated Economy Mike Crone

5. On the conceptual development of margins and marginalisation Stephen Syrett

6. Dynamics of Peripherality Klaus Lindegaard

Part Three: Peripheries and Margins

7. Can Peripheral Regions Innovate? Sara Davies, Rona Michie and Heidi Vironen

8. Proximity and Distributed Innovations Tom Johnstad och Svein Bergum

9. Commercial Counter-urbanisation and the Rural Economy Gary Bosworth

10. Entrepreneurship in the Periphery: Geography and Resources Nikolina Fuduric

11. Transcending Orthodoxy: Multi-house Homes Tor Arnesen

12. Economic and Enterprise Development in Community Buy-outs George Callaghan, Mike Danson and Geoff Whittam

13. Survival on the Farm Tor Arnesen and Erik Mönnes at Rena

14. Gendered Spaces on Trial Gro Marit Grimsrud

15. Who has the last laugh? – further developments on the entrepreneurial politician as an unconventional problem solver Meeri Brandum Granqvist

Part Four: Borders and Conclusion 

16. Concluding comments and connections with the border theme Peter de Souza and Mike Danson




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