Rural Migration

Rural migration, work, and social exclusion

Mike Danson (Professor of Scottish and Regional Economics) has  collaborated with Ross Brown (Scottish Enterprise) and Birgit Jentsch to look at different dimensions of migration, especially in island  and rural areas. As most migration research is focused on cities and urban  areas, this work is offering insights into how recent inflows into island  communities contrasts with these traditional destinations. Difficulties with  data and disaggregation of statistics for islands and rural regions present  challenges for analysis but international benchmarks and cooperation have led to  books, chapters and journal articles on a variety of topics. Comparing how  refugees and labour migrants fare respectively in different rural contexts,  along with other dimensions of inclusion and exclusion, have been core to this  research, and this has identified significant  changes in how work is being reorganised in businesses in non-urban settings  across the developed world.

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