Rural Demographics

Demographic Change

Mike Danson (Professor of Scottish and Regional Economics) has  esearched extensively on different aspects of population change and  particularly on the economic and social impacts of ageing. His and related  studies with colleagues on older workers and activity rates demonstrate  important geographical and sectoral variations across the country, with island  communities especially vulnerable to demographic changes. The academic  publications have led to work for the Scottish Parliament Future Forum, and  membership of both the Scottish Government advisory group on a ‘Strategy for a Scotland with an Ageing Population’ and  the project team on ‘Talent Management of an Older Workforce’. Recent  developments of the research with Karen Gilmore (UWS) have seen studies on the  disadvantaged in the labour market (funded through the European Commissionm EQUAL  Programme) and on the impacts of pension regulations.

See further links on this field of research here:$FILE/cs-ar-scrutiny-demographichange1.pdf

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