June 18th Research Event

Following  the successful  SCIS  research meeting on 18th June 2010 at Paisley Campus, University of the West of Scotland (details under events page) a number of plans, research activities and opportunities discussed on the day are being taken forward. Please keep in contact regaridng your own island related research and news.  The next SCIS UWS event is under development and details will be posted shortly.

Research Meeting and Seminar

June 18th 2010

University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus, Room G116, Gardner Building 09:30 – 13:30.

In addition to a general update on the activity and plans for SCIS this event will be an opportunity to meet other colleagues from UWS and elsewhere with an interest in island studies and island related research. All welcome. Please contact kathryn.burnett@uws.ac.uk to express your interest in attending. The meeting will be followed by a short research paper relating to current research at the centre.

Portaying the Hebrides: the irresistible lure and the irredeemable legacy

Ray Burnett
Kathryn A. Burnett
Scottish Centre for Island Studies
Faculty of Business and Creative Industries

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